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Our Hillcrest Dentist Office

Our philosophy at Padre Dental Group is to offer full service dental treatment for the whole family. We enjoy working with all ages. Combing artistry and advanced technology, Dr. Preston and Dr. Valerie Kaenel use the latest material and techniques to create the smile you want. Through individualized care, together we will set realistic goals and give you a dental treatment plan that will suit your specific needs. We hope you experience your next dental visit with us.


Our dental office is conveniently located in Hillcrest, San Diego.  We are located in the same building as Scripps Medical Group and the Continental Rehab Hospital.  Scripps Mercy Hospital just a couple blocks away.

We are located on the SE corner of 5th and Washington St in Hillcrest.  You can find Kona Coffee on the corner of our building.  There are 4 levels of underground parking in the building. The parking in the building is $1 every 20 mins and we do not validate.  Once you park, follow the blue signs to take the medical offices elevator to the 7th floor. There is also the option of metered parking on the street.


Hillcrest Dentist OfficeHours

Monday through Thursday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm
8:00 am to 2:30 pm

Earlier or later appointments available upon request
Call us today for an appointment (619) 688-1001



Driving Directions

From the 163 south, exit University Ave. Turn right onto University Ave and then right onto 5th Ave. The building will be on your right hand side with an entrance to the parking structure just past Pizza Nova.

From the 163 north, exit Robinson. Go left on Robinson. Turn right onto 5th Ave. Building will be on your right hand side.

From Downtown, go east coming up 5th street and the building will be on your right hand side.


Hillcrest Dentist Office


We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest material and equipment. We offer to our patients:

  • Digital xrays to ensure extremely low radiation to our patients
  • Computerized charting and appointments
  • Diagnodent- laser cavity detector
  • Intraoral camera
  • Cerec, one visit crowns
  • Invisalign


We care about our enviroment:

  • Latex free
  • Amalgam separator on vacuum which prevents amalgam waste getting into our city sewer
  • Dry vacuum exceeds current environmental standards
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA standards

Patient Safety


  • Weekly spore testing
  • Weekly water line treatments
  • Closed water line system using bottle water
  • Digital radiography leading to 90% less radiation

Financial & Insurance

We believe quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. We accept most PPO and indemnity insurance plans. We offer Citi Health Card to help with financing treatment. We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash and check. Please call if you have any questions about insurance or financial arrangements. Bobbii will be happy to answer your questions.


Citi Group - Hillcrest Dentist Financial


Hillcrest Dental- Couple

"To Everyone at Padre Dental, Thank you so very much for the wonderful work that you have done for me & your warm & friendly attitude. I’m not afraid to go to the dentist or smile any more."

Tayna E.

Dr. Preston and the Padre Dental family in Hillcrest, Thank you for another year of phenomenal service!

Beverly and Gustavo, San Diego

"Padre Dental, our favorite dental practice staff. We RAVE about you! Every time we come to the dentist, it's a pleasure (now, WHO can say that ??) Thanks for being so efficient and warm always."Love your smiling clients,

Melissa Tucker and Melissa & Justin Phillips, San Diego


"My first visit to Padre Dental was WONDERFUL. I was scared to death of the dentist. Dr Preston was so gentle. Before I knew it, everything was over. I have told everyone I know that if you are afraid of the dentist . . . you won’t be at Padre Dental in Hillcrest. They take care of their patients."

Debbie Leroy, San Diego


"The entire staff at Padre Dental in Hillcrest has been great. I’ve never had a dental experience quite like this. Dr. Preston and Dr. Val are very kind people and amazing dentists. They walked me through every procedure and took the time to thoroughly answer all my questions. I left feeling informed and cared about."

Jackie B, San Diego


Reviews from Yelp.com:


I was referred here by a friend who hates dentists, so I knew it had to be good. I had some cavities I could see and feel and major sensitivity to cold/sweet in those areas of my mouth since having my daughter. Apparently, pregnancy and breastfeeding make the bacteria in your mouth more prone to making cavities because of the hormonal changes. +1 to things to expect ruined when you have a kid ;)

Dr. Preston Kaenel is amazing. On my first visit/cleaning, he actually did the cleaning which I am not used to at all. All other dentists I have been to, a hygienist does the cleaning and I see the dentist for 1 minute. I don't know if this is customary or just the luck I had, but I was impressed and also got the feeling he really had the time to observe what was going on in my yapper.

On my visit to fill my cavities/be fitted for a nightguard, I was even more impressed. It took much less time and was less uncomfortable than I recall being at other dentists. Also, the sensitivity I had is GONE. I feel like I can finally let things hit my mouth again and not just quickly slurp anything cold to my throat as fast as possible because it hurts so damn bad. It's like having a new mouth!

He also took extra time explaining the difference between the nightguard I was getting and the ones you can buy on the cheap at Target. He also took time to show me different shades of teeth, assess my color and go over the whitening options he had at the office and how they rated on ease-of-use, effectiveness and sensitivity. WITHOUT pushing anything on me at all! I feel like most dentists are always in a rush and kind of treat you like you don't know anything and are always trying to upsell you to a electric toothbrush or something like that. Dr. Preston really takes time to make sure you understand your treatment and treatment options and strikes me as very honest. He is effective and gentle and amazing. I can't say enough about how great this dentist is.

Bobbii at the front desk is also a doll. She is really nice and seems to really love her job.

Kristen J. San Diego, CA



I really, really hate going to the dentist.  But Dr. Preston and Dr. Val are absolutely, hands down, the gentlest dentists I've ever visited.  Dr. Preston has done my restorative work, and I don't even feel the needle or drilling -- the man is that good.  His wife, Dr. Val, is doing my Invisalign and I just ADORE her -- she has such a fantastic bedside manner and really knows her stuff.  (They were apparently #1 and #2 in their dental school class at USC...something about having uber-smart dental professionals is comforting to me.)  I've been coming here for several years now and have recommended family members to the practice as well.  (And Bobbii, the front-desk lady, is adorable!  Love her.)

The only downside is that parking can be a pain and the office doesn't validate.  You should allow yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to get parked, get acclimated in the garage, and get upstairs.  Still, two VERY enthusiastic thumbs up!

Holly A. San Diego, CA



I hate dentists. I actually have never had major issues with my teeth, so my hate is a little different. I hate being sold dental work i DO NOT NEED.

5 stars for my first exam - got to meet a real dentist and he looked over my xrays and told me my teeth were pretty "boring." He didn't try to sell me a "deep cleaning," or "Zoom Whitening." He didn't try to convince me I needed my wisdom teeth out. He just let me know I needed more floss in my life, then cleaned up my teeth and sent me on my way! AMAZING!
Also - the staff is SUPER friendly. The front desk gal, Bobbii, is a sweetie, and the hygenists are awesome.
No fuss, no muss, no sales pitch - just family dentists that care about your teeth - not stealing your money. GO HERE

Lannice M., San Diego, CA



Love, love LOVE them!  They are the friendliest group of people and have the most adorable receptionist.  Within minutes, Dr. Kaenel (female) decided I needed a mouth guard to prevent grinding my teeth and it has been like a dream!  
I simply don't have enough good things to say about them.  Go there!  Wonderful staff makes a trip to the dentist so much less painful!

Lynne N, San Diego



I had a good experience here. I was looking for a dental office that accepted Delta Dental coverage and was in the Hillcrest area... this one fit the bill. The receptionist was friendly and helpful, especially when I had to call them because I am a spaz and got lost trying to find their office. Everything is clean and organized and modern. They have a nifty machine they used to detect decay on my teeth. It was a painless laser that would beep if decay was present. I found this to be extremely helpful since many dentists will just look at my teeth to check for decay. The laser method is much more precise. So I ended up having cavities (barf!) but this office did a great job at fixing them. They even gave me an ipod to listen to while they drilled away.

Lauren E, Hillcrest, San Diego


Padre Dental is fantastic. I am a bit of a dentaphobe and used to avoid going to the dentist... yet I don't dread going to see Dr. Preston Kaenel. He does a great job practicing the very fine art of gentle dentistry. The location is very central and easy to get to in Hillcrest - and the staff is friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend them!

Kira G, San Diego



I just got back from my first appt at Padre Dental Group and I couldn't be happier! In my 37 years I have always hated to go to the cold, archaic, and less than friendly dentists in San Diego. After not having seen a dentist in 3 years I decided I had to get a check-up and found Padre online. They are nice, knowledgeable and MODERN. The staff all knows what they're doing from front desk booking, to dealing with my insurance, to cleanings, x-rays, and on. Everyone that I dealt with was on top of their game and nice to boot! The best part was Dr Valerie... one could not ask for more in a dentist. Young, nice, modern, smart and gentle. She looked me in the eyes, talked to me like I was a human, and was very gentle with my sensitive teeth. I was more than impressed with their nice office and modern technology. I give them 5 HUGE stars and will make this my dentist for life. Try them as well, and you'll be glad you did!

Catharine F, San Diego, CA



FABULOUS! My father in law is literally falling apart. The Saturday night before our trip to San Diego, he busts a tooth and can't talk. I send out 15 emails to the dentists in San Diego that take Delta insurance. Sunday morning Dr. Kaenel calls me and can get him in early Monday am. Like I said: FABULOUS! We are out of towners, they are never going to see us again; yet, they went out of their way to take great care of us. Can you imagine the kind of care they must take of their regular patients? Kudos for great service and excellent customer care!

Apple W. Berkeley, CA



Dear Dr. Preston and staff,
Thank you for giving me one of the best experiences I've ever had at the dentist.  I have to admit I was nervous about getting my teeth checked after about 2 years without an appointment.  However, from the moment I came through the door I felt comfortable and well taken care of.  I think it helped that everyone seemed happy to be at work and were experts at what they were doing ... plus you put up with my lame jokes while I was in the chair!  Hopefully I'll get good dental insurance again soon, and when I do, I plan on returning to Padre Dental!  Thank You Again!! 

Sincerely,  Becca Williams


Dear Dr. Preston,
I'm not in the habit of sending a note to my dentist.  However, I wanted to thank you for the patience and extra care you used when you worked on my filling this week. I really appreciate the extra effort and care.  Thanks again- 
Katrina Matthews